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Time dilation and the mind.

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    Can the way we perceive time be explained by time dilation? When you think of our consciousness as being the motion of the spark(s) moving around on the circuit board we call our brain, the only part of ourselves that is moving at near c. Add a little adrenaline which increases the conductivity of the nerve cells there by increasing the relative motion of the spark(s) within us, and you have time appearing to slow for the individual or what is known as the fight or flight reflex.
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    Given that the brain is not a circuit board, and that nerve impulses travel at a slow crawl relative to the speed of light

    see for instance http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2002/DavidParizh.shtml

    I think we can safely say that the idea does not hold even the smallest amount of water. (I hope nobody takes offense, that's my attempt at an honest analysis).

    Even if nerve impulses traveled considerably faster than they do, assigning consciousness as having a definite location in the brain, a location that "moves around" seems to be a very dubious idea.

    I'm going to lock the thread because it seems to me that it doesn't meet our PF guidelines.

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