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Time dilation in Quasars

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    I recently read that the center of a quasar does not or almost doesn't experience time dilation, can anybody help me understand this more? The text didn't help much.
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    George Jones

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    Can you give a reference?
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    How could centre of a quasar doesn't suffer time dilation as the quasar is formed by a supermassive black hole at the centre which compresses the gases in accretion disk and in resultant these gases radiate.


    Have a look at the first paragraph of the article
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    I don't see anything about time dilation in any of the first few paragraphs.
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    In first paragraph it is clearly written that a quasar is a resultant of a black hole and it is already been proven that the phenomena of time dilation is strange yet experimentally confirmed effect of relativity theory so if at the centre of the quasar there is a black hole than there is time dilation
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    Of course, but it doesn't say anywhere that time dilation does not occur, which was your assertion, or at least the OP's assertion (it is hard to figure out what you were trying to say).
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    that's what I am saying...............

    when there is a black hole at the centre there is a time dilation.............so it is clearly written in that reference that there is a black hole at the centre of the quasar and it has already been proven in relativity that there is a time dilation in black hole so resultant is that there should be a time dilation in a quasar as well.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This is a) not High Energy and Nuclear Physics, and b) it has turned into "Guess what the OP meant". The OP seems uninterested in clarifying this, so I'm closing this thread.
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