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Time dilation / Space contraction question

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    I'm confused. If t=γ*t0 and L0=γ*t how does the equation x=v*t hold for x0=v*t0, for constant velocity (Let t0 be the time in the stationary reference frame and t the moving frame, the same for length)? Then v would be equal to γ^2*v... Perhaps I'm missing something here.
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    Would you please spend some time proof reading your post and editing it to remove all typos and grammatical errors? Also, please make sure your equations are really what you want them to be and it would help if you would define all your variables.
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    You are missing the full form of the Lorentz transform: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorentz_transformation#Boost_in_the_x-direction

    The time dilation and length contraction formulas you wrote are special cases of the Lorentz transforms, not the general case. You need to use the full form.
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    I don't think I did commit grammatical errors in my OP. Maybe you mistaked to (eigentime) with the word to (preposition). I should have used italics, my bad.

    I see. I have looked deeper into it and I seem to have sorted it out. My initial assumptions were incorrect. Thanks for the help.
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