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Time Dilation

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    Time Dilation- slowing or speeding up time. Acceleration Time Dilation as an object travels faster time will slow down. If an object were traveling 10,000 mph for a few days the time dialtion would be in nanoseconds, but if an object were traveling the speed of light time would "stop". The time would stop for the object untill something not going that speed brung it out of the speed of light.
    Gravitational Time Dilation - the closer an object is to a huge mass the slower time would pass. If the mass of Jupiter were in a 5 Meter sphere, every one second inside the sphere would be four seconds outside the sphere. If you look at the grean scheme of things that mass of Jupiter is not that great, it has enough mass/gravity to keep its moons around it, but if you "look" at a blackhole it has that mass/gravity to keep hundreds of millions of stars around it. If a person could get close enough to it (without getting to sucked into it) the time dilation could be enormous.
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    Welcome to physics forums QAT,
    this forum is usually used for people to ask and/or questions, i like what you have written but i don't really think its in the right place.
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    Oh, ok i see now thanks.
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    but there's a paradox to this ma friend....
    Time doesnt slow down ..... its realisation does .... u experience a movie in a joyous mood and u have a realisation of kind of kind A.... N u watch the same movie in a tensed environment.... ur Kind B steps in..... Same movie different realisation.....
    N u know the word Realisation is derived from The word Real..... But still there's nothing real.... Realisation is in ur mind..... Real is no where.....
    If Ur Mind is free..... Time wud be easy flowing....
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    At Darpan Dahiya
    The way society today perceives danger, has become more and more physiological. So when a person is in a ‘tense environment”, they feel like they are in danger. When a person feels in danger, they become more alert. Which can make you feel as if time is slowing? When a person is having “fun” endorphins are released which make a person think less, when a person thinks less they don’t “log” a lot of memory. And if a person doesn’t have a memory of that event, it didn’t happen. But in reality it did, you just don’t remember it. My advice to you is to be careful, people who mix human physiology and physics walk a fine line between genius and insanity.
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    So what you are saying is that you have no idea what "time dilation" means or what is being discussed here!
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    Well, give him or her credit for being honest in their profound ignorance.

    Darpan: QAT is being nice, buy a book on relativity for the love god, before you mix aphorisms with science.
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    Giving me wud be masculine....

    Well thats quite an advice my friend.... And a compliment on my note.....
    Anyways the book yet doesn't solve the problem.
    If Lorentz equations would have sufficed the matter and what we are talking about, i.e.
    was my rocket car's meter's equation, I would have gladly laid on my bed watching a treaty getting signed between two galaxies.....

    Now I would like to throw a question....

    A very famous experiment, Clock A remains stationary and the clock B moves towards a black hole. As the latter enters the Gravitational Field of the BH, its time slows down when compared to the former.
    Did someone say, light gets affected by a BH????
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    later I would surely come back to you.....
    time will surely flow back to ultimately physicize even your economics.....
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