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Time dilation

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    Hello I'm 17 and interested in physics. I don't really know that much calculus, as I can barely factor. I failed the math test AIMS, to make a long story short, because I didn't take the right classes.

    I am good in math though.

    I am going through hard times right now, as I recently got banned from a forum I spent 6 hours+ a day on, the coin forum at Collectors Universe. I was a good member there for over a year. I hope someone can PM me and help me on this.

    My question is this, actual I have a few questions:
    Can someone explain time dilation in simple terms?
    I understand that time dilation is the slowing of time of any system in motino relative to an outside observer. I've learned that this principal is true at any speed, walking or running, but is almost negligable at any speed except very close to the speed of light.

    I hope to study physics in colleage.

    thank you
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    Try reading this:
    http://physics.syr.edu/courses/modules/LIGHTCONE/LightClock/ [Broken]
    And then come back if you have any questions.
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