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Time dimension

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    I just thought about it yesterday, and although is has been discussed here earlier, i'd like to raise the issue again.

    Can there really be more than one time dimension? so for instance, we could "circle around", come back, and pass through a moment we have already been through... it's quiet difficult for me to visualise the idea in practice, but it was mentioned that some forms of string theory incorporate just that... i wasn't able to find similar string solutions, so i could use some reference :)

    Also, is is possible that there is one time dimension for every space dimension?

    Oh, and one more thing :) as i've heard, there has been some progress (again, in String theory), whereby strings have gone through an ordeal in finite energies... does anyone know any articles, or papers, pointing to the decay of the vibrations?

    Thanks guys!
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    Time travel, like the majority of what is talked about here, is highly hypothetical. I believe that though space can warp around and the such, time cannot. Time will always move forward, though how fast one moves forward depends on gravity, and the space-time flux, etc. But all in all, I do not believe that time travel is possible.
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    I thought about something very intersting the other day regarding the 4th dimension.
    In our 3D world, a regularly seen 2D object is the shadow. What makes a shadow? As light travels through time and space, it is bound to bend as it hits a surface such as the human body, thereby creating a shadow on another nearby surface. If the 4th dimension were in fact a result of time, would "shadows" in this dimension be three dimensional?
    If you think about it, time would act similarly to how light acts in the 3rd dimension. Theoretically, the faster an object moves, the slower time moves (twin theory). As time travels through space it is bound to come into contact with things. The fastest moving "thing" we know of is light. Therefore, as time travels through light, it slows down because light is traveling at such a high speed. This would cause 4th dimensional time to bend around the light so that it creates a 3D object.
    I know this idea is quite farfetched, but it is intriguing nonetheless.
    Any thoughts?
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    It's intruiging i'll admit but there would have to be equations to back it up. without that as has been said before its simply all conjecture.

    When i was tripping on acid i thought of the same exact concept that was in the elegant universe series about 2 dimensions coliding and that that was the cause of the big bang, but i dont exactly have a mathematics degree or physics degree to back up my imagination with anything so unfortunatly it goes to waste and thats something i'll just have to deal with till i get atleast 12 yrs of schooling behind my belt.

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    Shadows are not really a 2-d object, just the absence of lightover an area, a 3d area even though you can only notice the absense when it reflects off a surface. Also (correct me if I missunderstand you) I think your saying that time moves. I think it is most often believed that objects move through time, and time doesn't move itself. The 4th dimension is time, not born of the motion of time....

    Despite this, however, your idea is interesting. I to have thought the third dimension as a result of the 4th dimension, like a 3d shadow of a 4d world.
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