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Time Division Multiplexing

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    hey y'all!

    could someone please explain to me how to devise a commutator configuration when given a number of signals and their bandwidths.

    with four signals bandlimited to W, W, 2W, 3W. Give a possible sequence for a period.
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    Welcome to PF, Lila. Could you give a little more info about your question? You want to TDM several signals, but you are only giving some frequency domain information about them. What are the time domain characteristics of these four signals? If you want to TDM them, you also need to specify the receive filtering for each (which affects the ringup time of their recevers) and the transmit power-down times for each.
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    well, here's the question as given from Ziemer & Tranter - Principles of Communications

    "Five messages bandlimited to W, W, 2W, 4W, and 4W Hz respectively, are to be time-division multiplexed. Devise a commutator configuration such that each signal is periodically sampled at its own minimum rate and the samples are properly interlaced. "

    There is an example in the book with 4 messages(s1 to s4) bandlimited to W, W, 2W, 4W Hz respectively.
    A permissible sequence of baseband samples is a periodic sequence, one period of which is: ...s1 s4 s3 s4 s2 s4...

    I need to find a permissible sequence of baseband samples for the question with 5messages, but I don't understand the example.
    Thanks for any explanation!! :)
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