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Time in brachistochrone problem

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    I hope that you've heard about Brachistochrone problem: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/BrachistochroneProblem.html
    Given two points, I can find (calculate) the courve, on which the ball needs minimum time to travel from point 1 to point 2.
    I get the equation for the courve, which is cycloid, in parametric form, let say:


    Now I also need to calculate the time needed...
    How could I calculate it out of formula below using the equation for the courve/cycloid in parametric form?
    [tex]t_{12}=\int_{T_1}^{T_2} \frac{\sqrt{1+{y'}^2}}{\sqrt{2g\,y}}dx, \quad y'=\frac{dy}{dx}[/tex]
    Thanks for your answers!
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    how 'bout:

    dy/dx = (dy/d_theta)/(dx/d_theta)
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