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Time is precious

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    Why would anyone want to put a price on their time? Once you sell it, you can't buy it back. A wage or salary represents only what you are worth to someone else, and society in general- never what you are worth to yourself.

    Just a thought.
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    Instead of saying time is precious, I would say that we are precious. Time only being precious in how it relates to potentially mortal beings.
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    Time and money

    Not all get paid by the time they use during work. Some get paid fixed salaries and others get paid by comission or piece work.

    In order to survive in the modern world you have to work and most of that is usually based on the amount of time you put in for an exchange of money.

    In less developed countries some still survive off the land by hunting and farming but these activities still require a certain amount of effort and time.
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    Life is precious.
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    Everybody's gotta eat, and eating each other just doesn't sound all that appealing to me. :yuck:
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    Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
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    You got to be joking.In what way we are precious?World would be much better off without us.
    Time is money-I hate this.
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    The statement is fine just like this without the fancy convoluted crap on the end. :smile:
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    Speak for yourself, the world may be better without you, but I know my presence here allows for greater possibility then simple plant or animal life.

    Would the earth be better without us? It would be nothing. Who would be there to enjoy a sunrise, or the soft, cool morning breeze. What would beauty mean to a tree, or a badger? Or do you mean earth would be better without any life at all? What would beauty mean to a rock?

    Humanity DOES have marvelous potential, for both good and bad. If you see only the bad side of us, then I pity you.
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    plum does have a point. Time, unlike money, can never reverse itself. One can easily gain or lose money, but once time is gone, it wont come back. Id much rather spend my life using my time wisely rather than allocating all my time for the sole purpose of making money, because if I did that, I would probably be miserable (but stinkin' rich).
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