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Time is

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    Time is a measure of matter in motion?

    If matter were to stop moving, a thermometer would indicate absolute zero and a clock would indicate zero activity?

    Time exists independently of matter in the same way that a thermometer exists independently of temperature?

    If all this is true, than does it make sense to speak of a space/time continuum or does it make more sense to speak of a matter/motion continuum?
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    The space/time continuum is a useful concept. I have never heard of anyone finding a matter/motion continuum useful. We are free to use any concept provided it helps us explain things better. How would a matter/motion continuum contribute to our models of the universe? It sounds like a space/time continuum with a more confusing name, so this wouldn't make more sense at all.
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    The "space-time continuum," more appropriately just called spacetime, is just a mathematical construct -- a space with three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time. It exists no more than does a square root, or a logarithm.

    - Warren
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    But if it (3+1 spacetime) doesn't exist at all, then non-physical alternatives, such as 2 space dimensions + 7 time dimensions must exist ___even_less___.
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