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Time limit for programs.

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    Is there any software out there that can limit the daily usage of specific software?

    For example, lets suppose that I want to make firefox work only for 2 hours a day and then it shuts down on its own. Or I want to put a similar limit on thunderbird plus I only allow it to be opened 4 times a day only.

    Is there anything like this?
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    Windows 7 parental controls may of some use to you.
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    It's unfortunately too strong of a control...

    For programs, it either blocks them or not.
    For time limits, it sets a time limit on the whole computer usage and only on certain hours. I don't care to set it for certain hours to block a program, only 2 or 3 hours maximum on a daily basis, whatever the hour of the day.

    Thanks for your suggestion though!
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    KidsWatch Time Control will do the trick
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    Thanks! I think its what will help the most...
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