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Time limit

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    Lets imagine a place in space where there is no mass or energy to warp space-time
    how much would time pass or how fast would time tick in this region of space
    does time have a limit on how fast it can tick.
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    Time doesn't tick. Clocks tick.

    If there is no mass or energy other than the clock (which could be very small - maybe a photon bouncing back and forth in a carbon nanotube), from a distant vantage point you'd see the clock ticking at approximately the same rate it would tick here on earth. The effect of the sun, earth, planets, etc. on time is pretty small.
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    is there a limit on how fast time can pass.
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    You asked the exact same question 3 days ago!? :confused:
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    true , but i was wondering if i would get better answers in this section, and it really never got answered . and like hallsof ivy told me no and thats what i wanted.
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    so then it is possible that time could pass infinitely fast.
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    Not for you, but for someone watching you, yes.
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    ok thanks for answering russ watters
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    The speed of time is always relative to the observer.

    If you're approaching the speed of light, you will see that things slow down.
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    What things? If you have a watch with you, and you look at your watch as you approach the speed of light the watch will neither speed up nor slow down.


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