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Time Loop Examples

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    They say that if quantum entanglement were meditated by actually superluminal exchange, causality is not violated because you can't use it to send information. This is because quantum randomness can't be control. But note there is still actual exchange of randomness information between past and future.... that is.. messages from the future could actually alter the past in quantum entangelement that uses superluminal exchange scenerio). Now I just want to have an idea if there were other actual experiments where random information can go from future to past (time loop). Is there no way to test it?
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    If you can figure out how to test it then you might get a phone call from Stockholm.
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    Isn't it that in quantum entanglement like Aspect experiment.. there are frames in which either end would trigger the event back in time? This is because if someone occurs instantaneously in separate spacetime points.. there would always be frame in which one end receives it back in time.
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