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Time management

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    well i am prep for entrance exams in india the work load is quiet high working 10-12 hours a day but i am failing in time management part which is causing a lot of stress and affecting my performance is there any good site or resource on internet that can help in learning time management scheduling skills
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    Ambuj, first of all take it easy. 10-12 hours a day seems to be way too much time. If you work too hard you will put more stress on yourself and this will affect your concentration.

    Also, instead of trying to do too many problems, spend time on the difficult ones so that you can clearly understand the concepts involved.

    Then try to follow a regular sleep pattern and diet. Do you play any outdoor sports? (With 10-12 hours of studies a day, I don't see how you can) They can improve your morale when you are feeling down.

    I don't know why you would require a website for Time scheduling. Just set some deadlines and stick to them.

    Anyway, best of luck for your entrance exams and I hope you do well.
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