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Aerospace Time period of phugoid

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    Hello, I have made program for simulating aircraft motion.
    I am able to obtain natural modes of motion like phugoid, short phugoid, etc.
    but to check whether it is simulating correctly, I need to validate it with some existing data,
    so i tried to compare the time period of phugoid of Boeing 747-200 with some data but it seems nowhere on the internet I am able to obtain the time periods of phugoid motion of different aircrafts like boeing 747, cessna 182, beechcraft 99, etc.
    Can somebody suggest a good source where this data will available ? or atleast tell the reason why such time period data is hard to obtain ?

    Even approximate time periods will be helpful.

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    It will be hard because it is probably proprietary.
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    Thanks for the reply. But can i get approximate time periods like after searching i found that 747 has phugoid time period of about 93 seconds.
    Like so and so family of aircrafts have phugoid time periods in so and so range ???
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