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Time perspectives

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    Math Is Hard

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    This is an interesting video illustrating ideas about people's different time perspectives. I thought it was worth watching for the artwork alone!


    Are you past, present, or future oriented?
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    Very cool, I love that kind of stuff. Generalizations, sure, but still enlightening.

    I've only recently started to question my time orientation...I've always been one to work hard, the whole delayed gratification thing. If I delay it much longer I'll be an old lady!
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    Nice video MIH. I wish that I could draw that well or that fast! :biggrin:
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    I really enjoy time, it passes, it can fly and yet can stand still. I believe I am a present time person, I enjoy the moment. I hardly ever spend time thinking of things yet to be, and seldom dwell on things from my past.
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    He made some very ridiculous conclusions .. Video was interesting but the content was full of nonsense IMO
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