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Time problem, I am having too much trouble trying to solve please help?

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    In 1977 Steve Weldon ate 91m of spaghetti in 29s. At the same speed how long would it take Mr. Weldon to eat 5m?

    Okay, I believe they are asking for the time...so the formula would be

    Time= d/V so what I did was divide the 5m by 29 and that does not make sense do I have to convert the 5m? :confused:
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    Why divide by 29? Is v=29?
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    Okay after sleepinng on it I see what it is I did wrong. I was supposed to divide 91/29 to get 3.137...rounded gives me 3.14 so then I divide the 5/3.14=1.6 and thats my answer.

    I solved it but I am still confused. I was assuming that 29s was my speed. It is actually my time? what is it that I am not understanding.

    Please someone entertain my question. I know it may be right under my nose but I am really lost even though I solved it. I guess I just want to make sure I am reading the question correctly:frown:
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    Yes, 29 seconds is time. It is time in which he eats 91 m of spaghetti. So 91m/29s is the rate at which he eats the spaghetti, expressed in the length of spaghetti. So once, you have that rate, you can find out how long it takes him to eat any amount of spaghetti. Does that make things clearer?
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