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    Time moves fast at the summit of Mt. Everest as compared to its base (base being closer to the gravitational field).

    Does it mean that the base and summit are in different time zones?
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    The velocity differents due to the the height of Mount Everest isn't enough to justify a change in time zone and isn't very much compared to relativistic speeds
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    Time zones are geographically defined sufrace areas...they don't take into account altitude changes...so a plane in the central region of the US, for example, follows central time both in the air and on the ground.
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    i think you 2 didn't quite understand what OP was trying to get across, but then again, you did. weird eh?

    anyways OP, the time difference is negligible, a couple billionth's of a second over the average human life time. since we don't have any need for time change on that scale there really isn't a point in keeping track of it.

    side note: I believe GPS sats have their internal clocks calibrated on a regular basis because of the time difference they experience @ that altitude and speed. look into that, might just help you understand what it is your asking here.
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    Does it mean that past and present are connected?
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