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Time Reversal Symmetry Question

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    Ok, so if you have two electrons near one another, they will start to repel one another and separate as time goes on. Now if you reverse time, they will move towards one another. But it is said that antimatter can be viewed as matter going backwards through time. Now if this is true, this would mean that two positrons would attract one another, which contradicts the law that like charges repel. Does the time-reversal not apply to all interactions?
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    Remember that momentum gets reversed as well. Picture the two electrons initially far away and moving toward each other. Then they slow down, stop for an instant, and end up moving away from each other.

    Film this, run the film in reverse and you will see exactly the same thing.

    James Baugh
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    oh yeah! wow i can't believe i forgot about that, thanks alot.
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