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Time signals

  1. Oct 10, 2004 #1
    Hi, wat would you get if you add these:

    3cos(600*pi*t) + 5sin(1000*pi*t - 45degrees) + 5sin(1200*pi*t)? thanks in advance...
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    what exactly are u looking for? cuz if u want to combine this into 1 expression then it must be ugly .... u can plot the graph in graphmatica and see the graph of the expression ...

    -- AI
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    yes i want to combine them into one...does anyone know how to combine it? and if they do, and you give me some tips? thanks
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    set 3cos(600*pi*t) + 5sin(1000*pi*t - 45degrees) = rsin(alpha*t + beta)
    try to find r,alpha and beta.

    then set 5sin(1200*pi*t) + rsin(alpha*t+beta) = r'sin(alpha'*t+beta')
    try to find r',alpha' and beta'.

    and ur done!
    simple isn't it? :tongue2:

    -- AI
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    It is not possible to combine these three terms into one sine or cosine term.

    - Warren
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