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Time speeding up ?

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    Time "speeding up"?

    When I first heard of this, I laughed. But then it had me going. Is it possible to measure something such as time, when you and your entire environment is relative to it? Is it possible for time to be universally 'speeding up?'
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    There is no physical experiment which can tell you what speed you are going in an inertial frame unless you assume some other inertial frame to be 'at rest'.

    So I would argue it doesn't matter at what speed time is going at all. It's still one second per second, so to speak.
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    The rate of change, or speeding up, of anything is its derivative with respect to time. So the rate of change of time is dt/dt, which of course is 1. IOW, a trivial concept that contains no useful physics.
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    Everything is just as it appears to be, and so is nothing. Comparing what can be observed to what cannot be observed does not yield useful information.
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    Re: Time "speeding up"?

    Im no scientist but this is what think, I think time is linked to e = mc2, everything on a small scale is energy, time is just the movement of energy, thats why the universe expands, without expansion there would be no time.Consciousness is again energy thats being watched, the brain converts all energy, what you see depends on your consciousness level.Its like looking into the mirror seeing yourself and at that instant you realise you are watching yourself.You have the word mercedes benz in your mind and eventually you are going to see many mercedes benz cars, its all about awareness.
    I think the only way time can speed up is if you change the vibrational frequency of energy, I think at the end of the day, the power lies in you, you are creating every second, the more you create the faster time will go, creating is energy and energy is time, all our tehnological advances have made creation faster, therefore time will seem quicker too
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