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Time stasis chamber

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    sorry if this has been discussed before but I've not had much luck finding anything on the forum search. Basically I am interested in the potential technology behind a time stasis chamber - a pod or something similar that would allow humans to travel great distances in space without them ageing. I know this is in the realms of sci-fi but are there any thoughts or seeds of ideas that might lead to this sort of tech being possible in the near-future?
    Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    This is, as you said, in the realm of SciFi
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    The idea of creating a pocket of space where the experience of time is different is pure science fiction. A more realistic area of study you may be interested in is suspended animation. Various animals have been put into artificial hibernation, some have even been killed, cooled, warmed and revived.

    Of course a similar idea is that if you could get a space vehicle up to relativistic speeds the journey time for the crew would be less than that pf an observer on Earth. This phenomenon isn't science fiction but currently the technology to achieve such speeds is.
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