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Time Sync MATLAB

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    Attached are three figures. The problem in question essentially involves extracting data from a .CSV (MS Excel) file and .mdb (MS Access) file which I have done already but not correctly.

    Data set #1: gives me 'Wall Thickness vs. Time' ( [3400 - 8200] s , [0,1] in.) as shown in figure3.jpg.
    Data set #2: gives me 'Force vs. Time' ( [ 0 - 17,000] lbs. , [3.8x10^4, 3.86x10^4] s) as shown in figure2.jpg

    figure1.jpg is the figure that plots both at the same time. In the Wall Thickness vs. Time graph, I had only selected the first step function within figure3.jpg.

    Physically we expected that higher wall thickness requires higher drag force. The idea is to prove this correlation.

    The issue is with the time format in MATLAB. I cannot synchronize them together.

    I hope that is clear.

    Thanks for your help,

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    One data set is measured over the time interval [3400, 8200] whereas the other is over the interval [38000, 38600]. Why would you expect them to be synchronized?
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