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Time thief

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    I have some mail that needs a reply to, so i am looking for a pen and remember there is one in the kitchen draw, i go into the kitchen and see i have not polished the dishes from the day before, the the tea towel is a
    bit dirty, so i look in the cupboard for a clean one, the cupboard is empty,
    i then remember i put it with all the other washing and it is in the bag upstairs, so i go upstairs to fetch it and realise i did not make the bed, and on the bed is my new bike mag, as it is was raining all yesterday i wondered what todays weather is so i look out, the sky is black with clouds scuding across at 100 mph, no bike ride today :grumpy:
    so i start leafing through the mag and notice an addvert for a part i need,
    i thought i best wright down the telephone number, now where did i put that pen :confused:
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