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Time travel,a phenomenon?

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    Hi.Recently,my friend told me that time travel is suppose to be phenomenon.I don't how this could happen.She wrote this in our school forum.What do you guys think?

    I believe that time travel suppose to be phenomenon. Not by man-made. I don't believe you can time travel by time machine. It is hard to believe that rules does applies in time traveling. My belief reason why people created that rules, because of FEAR. Fatelism apply in time travel...interesting.

    Let's assume you decide to travel into the future. If there was such a thing as free will, it should be impossible to have any discernable destination. For instance, you decide to travel forward in time to meet your great-great-grandchildren. In order for them to exist in a future that you can travel to, a necessary timeline would have to take place where upon certain individuals met and had children, etc. etc. This would imply fate as key events must take place for the voyage to occur. Without fate it would be impossible to have any destination as an infinite number of potential outcomes are possible. Now, if free will does exist and you are able to travel into the future, there is no guarantee that two individuals traveling to the future would necessarily land in the "same future." This follows the multiple world concept (somewhat akin to the movie "The One" starring Jet Li).

    For example if I did time travel....I would be most dangerous person in the whole universe no stratch that, I am playing as GOD. I can go back in time destroy you if I want to. I can destroy my own existence if I want to. Ok I go back in my current time. It would not affect my current state. I became nobody. People will have no record of me. My all data is gone. I am still me and I am alive.

    I ask for this not to be analyzed using Einstein's approach. Rather, will physics take the approach that time is "mostly" linear? Such that if an object were to travel through time, it's energy/mass ceases to exist in time frame N and is added to the sum energy/mass of time frame N+10years or N-10years. Or...as conservation of energy applies to closed systems, perhaps the scope of the system should be questioned. Would time travel encompass the dimension of time as well, such that no violations have taken place? Now, perhaps I'm applying the wrong parallel here. Would this at all be similar to Schrodinger's Cat? The existence of that object is something of a superposition, unknown without direct observation as it moves through time. Perhaps even moving through time such that TWO of them exist in the same time reference - could that not be equal to the superposition observed at the subatomic level?
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