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Time Travel Backwards

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    This one just popped into my head while I was on my bed last night.

    Leave the possibility of time travel backwards, but if it were to become possible in near future , then wouldnt it be possible that as we go back in time , we keep getting younger and probably disappear once we pass the date of birth? :blushing:

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    No, technically many parts of "you" dissappear as time goes on. Theres only a small portion of "you" that has been around since birth and before your parents did the dirty deed, "you" were simply sperm and an egg. Before that, you were other proteins i suppose and before that you were various other molecules floating around doing there thing and such. So technically, you could go 10,000 years and find a piece of dirt with a carbon molecule on it that eventually became part of "you".... although 10,000 years later.
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    You missmatched my question . Before we were born , we couldnt 'see' , because 'seeing' is believing, that is getting images of an event is sure proof that event is/has happening/happened.But before we were born we didnt receive those images because simply didnot had the required equipment to receive images,that is in our initial stages of development as you just told in your previous ambiguous post, we were basically not introduced to world.

    So when we time-travel backwards , because time is going backwards , it is necessary that we also go on getting younger and younger , and then reduce to a mere molecule , so basically as we pass the date of birth while travelling back in time , will we see the images of general world before our birth? ...I think not because we didnt see that world before our birth , so we just cannot possibly see it again by time-travelling , and also as we travel backwards , we would keep on getting younger , our senses will keep on getting weaker , and time-travel wont be that good experience as hoped.I hope you get my point.

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    If time cellular regression were associated with one traveling time then I would imagine that the actual device used would also be affected in this manner, thus making it impossible. I believe that there is some kind of gravitational/cingularity/electromagnetic field surrounding the device and its user protecting both from time flux.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think there is an error in this reasoning as follows: The objection cited would make sense, for example, were it possible for an object to travel, in the conventional sense of travel, faster than speed C. If we look at the value of the interval for an object in motion t', as opposed to the interval of time, t, for an observer defined to be at rest, then the Lorentz equations suggest that just as time "slows down" in the frame of t', as we approach speed C, it would stop or reverse at speed C and beyond. However, we know that this is impossible; we can't get to speed C by travel in the conventional sense, so the extrapolation suggested is without a basis. In other words, what you suggest might be true, but I don't think there is a model that can be used to elevate this idea above that of a wild guess.
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    So you mean basically time travel backward is impossible? , I agree it is impossible if we take time travel backwards as 'slowing down of time to limits, such that order of events reverse'? , I fully agree with you on that point. But what I seek is what happens after time-travel happens backwards, if it was possible to do so , would my argument be still valid?

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    The novel Timeline by Michael Crichton has people traveling back in time by means of quantum physics as opposed to Relativity. There is some kind of explanation given as to how the double slit experiment adds up to making this possible in principle. I didn't pay much attention to it. The net result was that people were "faxed" into alternate universes where the present was identical to our past in this universe. I don't know enough about quantum physics to know if any of this made any sense.

    In general, Michael Crichton seems to start with a collection of things that are real, hard science, and then he fantasizes forward into science fiction. There may in fact be dinosaur blood in amber-preserved mosquitos, but the DNA is all destroyed. Jurassic Park is based on the premise they could find intact DNA.

    I assume there is alot of fact behind his quantum time travel in Timeline but I couldn't tell you where the facts end and the pure fiction begins.

    It is a fun read, regardless.
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    Bringing the question back into spotlight.Deviations are invited but they should end up by connecting the explaination with the answer to my question.What I am concerned here is about 'what happens during Time Travel' and not 'How to time-travel backwards'.

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    Well since time travel isnt possible.... its not really possible for us to give you much of an explanation.
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