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Time Travel Concepts

  1. May 20, 2004 #1
    There are various views/opinions on Different methods of Time Travel,For Example.

    Various Forms of entertainment.
    Stargate(Episode where they used a solar flare)
    Back to the Future
    Star Trek Voyager (Few Episodes using Timeships)
    Quantum Leap
    Butterfly Effect
    H.G. Wells Time Machine etc
    Seven Days etc etc.
    The One(Jet Li)

    Others envisage the use of Wormholes & Black Holes as a gateway to the Past,Future,Alternate realities or whatever.

    Then there are people that say it is impossible to change history because Time Paradoxes aren't Possible or if you did go back you would only be an observer unable to change what has already happened,While others say that the Timline would be split into 2 different chain of events,One being where you came from & the other that you created by altering History.

    I'm just curious what people here,see as the most likely method or concept of travelling back in time(providing that it was theoretically possible,Hypothetically speaking of course) with a view of altering mistakes that you made in the past.

    Also haven chosen the most likely concept,What kind of resources would you need to start researching it.

    The most obvious being

    Hundred of Millions $$$$'S/££££'S
    Whole Bunch of Physicists,Mathematicians
    Lots of Space(Large Warehouse/Laboratory)
    Supercomputer or Few Thousand modern computers linked together to perform complex calculations.

    What else would be needed & if you had all of the above how would you go about getting started with the research.

    Lastly,I'm no Mad Scientist or anything like that,Just that I am very curious to the above question & would like to hear what other people think as their most likely way of achieiving & researching the ability to travel back in time.
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