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Time travel in einstiens universe

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    I'd been meaning to post about this book a while ago. I read it before school was even out, but since i read it i've just become really interested in physics and astronomy books. So i've been reading too much to post often basically.

    Anyways, 'Time travel in einstiens universe' by richard gott, i thought was an excellent book. in the begining it has a lot of pop culture references to help introduce new concepts. i thought it explained things well with good pictures and it was easy to understand. Usually technical books really bore me, but this one actually interested me. It made me want to read more.
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    Van Stokum Cylinder

    http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@177.GEuFcxicuVm.0@.1ddea281 [Broken]

    The Theory of Everything, by Michio Kaku

    http://firstscience.com/SITE/images/articles/kaku/black_hole2.jpg [Broken]

    Will UConn physicist Ronald Mallett build the first time machine?

    http://www.walterzeichner.com/thezfiles/time2.gif [Broken]

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    I'm reading it at the moment, and I agree wiv u it's really good. I keep getting a bit confused tho, but that's probably more me than the book. The first chapter is really good anyway wiv references to science fiction and whether it could actually happen in real life. I'm on Chapter 3 at the mo (and it has to go back to the library on Thursday) so cant comment on the later chapters. If u hear bout any others in the same style, if u cud post them here, that wud b great.

    ( my fav. physics book is still How the Universe got its Spots by Janna Levin tho, but thats not about Time travel its about the topology of the Universe)
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    Hey hello!!

    I've this book. Time travel in Einstein's Universe is indeed amazing especially the part in which there in a description of sci-fi movies involving time-travel.
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