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Time Travel = Infinite Harry Potter's ?

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    Time Travel = Infinite Harry Potter's ????

    This contains a Harry Potter *SPOILER*

    ...but I'm using it as a background for a question about Time Travel in general.

    In J.K. Rowling's book, "Prisoner of Azkaban" when Harry is surrounded by dementors, he suddenly sees a stranger who looks eerily similar to him. The stranger then casts a spell that drives the dementors away.

    Harry then goes into his school where he is given a device that could make him go back in time. He then goes back in time where he sees his past self surrounded by dementors. He then casts a spell that drives the dementors away.

    Okay, I don't care about the rest of the book. My focus now is about Time Travel in general.

    Now we have three Harry's. Present Harry who was saved by future Harry (the stranger who looked eerily similar to him) and then present Harry went back in time and saved past Harry.

    1) Wouldn't this lead to infinite Harrry's since he's stuck in this loop of sorts ?

    So if we managed to go back in time, how would we resolve this issue ?

    Or maybe there's something wrong with my reasoning :shy:
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    I don't see any possibility for a discussion based on physics for this topic. But it sure might be fun else where. So off to GD and thread hungry hoards.
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    I posted it in the physics forum because we discussed Time travel to a great extent in my Advanced Placement Physics class.
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    I think that if we replaced "Harry Potter" with "fermionic particle", this would be an interesting physical question. :rofl:
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    'twould be more interesting with a boson.
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    'twould make more sense...
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