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Time Travel just not possible!

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    Ok hear is a senario. Lets say time travel is possible. Jack and Jill discovered a way to travel to the future. Jack and jill are both In the same room. jack travels 1 year into the future. Jack would see his basement one year older still made up from the same matter it was made up from a year earlier. Meanwhile Jill is looking at the same basement. Two identical objects can not co exist if they did, they would not be the same.
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    What is your point? If Jack is now in the future how are the two basements "co-existing"? Suppose Jack's time machine took a year to get him one year in the future. Would your objection still hold?
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    The quantum world would disagree...
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    Does the room 'travel' with Jack or does the room not travel with Jack and stay with Jill?
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    Only jack travels through time The basement stays were it is
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    The basement (and observer Jill) only exists for one moment in time?
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    There can only be one Basement

    There is only one basement. Matter is neither created nor destroyed.
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