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Time Travel Theory & The begining of the universe, why life is like a book.

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    The big bang. Some of our theories state there was nothing before the current universe and then BANG! (Well we really don't know but lets use that for this conversation) all of a sudden we have matter. Well my theory on this is: Because there was nothing before the universe, it would have always exploded in the same fasion, we would have always been here and there was no chance that the universe would look different today. What happened in the past was always meant to happen would always have hapened the same way because there was no external forces (that we know of) acting on the "Big bang". Like if there was "something" before the big bang then it would effect how the big bang exploded, where the matter traveled, how far it travelled etc.. But if there was nothing before the big bang then it would always have exploded exactly the same.

    This also leads into my theory about how everything that was set in motion. Down to the smallest particles we know of everything happens due to what what happened before. (Example a particle will travel one way because it hit another particle etc.). Bascially, we are here today because of a huge string of events (down to the fundimentals of matter) that will always happen the same way. Even our ability to think is like a book, I will always think the next thought because of this chain of events.

    Life is like a programm with the programming being matter of our universe, the program goes forward as matter moves. If matter was unable to move nothing would happen. Move matter to play the book.

    We should be able to also predict the future based on this knowledge. Assuming we have some kind of machine that can take a instant snap shot of all the matter in the universe down to the fundimental particles of matter we can then figure out which way they will travel and what will happen next.
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    what if there is no time?

    what if all events are happening simultaneously and we choose to visit a particular 'moment' as a function of our consciousness?

    matter is the representation of the physical universe. what if the 'universe' includes worlds of non matter and other products of energy??

    it is my view that we are at this moment visiting one thread of 'probable events' in the physical world. without time the physical has always been here and always will be.

    the universe is infinite, we can not limit our thinking to the physical world of matter, IMHO.

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    Time does not exist
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    At least that's one of my other theories. I need proof of time.
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