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Time Travel

  1. Feb 4, 2010 #1
    Michio Kaku stated that current physics does not rule out the possibility of time travel even tho it would take comprimable measures to achieve it, such as the energy of a supernovae, my question is even if you can bend spacetime to that extreme to get to a planet with life on it, how are you going back in time, being that time is technically an illusion.
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    I dont think it is possible to go back in time but i know from some theorists that the faster your speed it the faster you travel through time.
    our earth is in a constant faction of time travel because of our constant movement abound the sun and away from center of universe.
    Ex: stars closer to the center of universe are going through time slower then we are because of their smaller speeds
    also if you take a perfect clock into orbit on the space station after a year of orbiting it will be 6 second behind of another perfect clock back on earth
    I you go at the speed of light to a star 1 light year away you will get there instantly but for everyone on earth it will seem like one light year. also when you come back instantly the earth will be 2 light years ahead of you (it will suck everyone will probably be dead)
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    it is also impossible to know about something from a distant place untill it has traveled the light year difference in the time continuum unless you are the one traveling the speed of light, but even then, when you return everything would have served out the correct amount of light years needed for light to travel that distance
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    The idea is that you can bend spacetime to such an extent thast, rather than travelling along a spatial path, you travel along a timelike path. i.e. you travel backwards in time.
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    No. The faster you travel, the less time elapses for you. You could arrive back aty your destination hardly having aged at all.
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