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Time travel

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    Assuming it were possible, how would you go about it? Lightspeed spaceship? Wormhole? Superman gravitational reversal?
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    Well, since it's not possible, how do you expect to get a meaningful answer on this reality-based forum? This forum is to help people learn relativity. Are you interested?
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    I travel through time constantly. Depending upon my velocity I can travel at speeds as high as 1 sec/sec.
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    Time travel into the future, build a ship that can accelerate aa 1g for a long time turn around and slow down at 1g for some more time and you will find people down here will have aged more than you of the ship would have. Kind of like time travel but not.

    Time travel would be pointless if it were possible which it isn't.

    Also like FlexGunship we all travel through time or time passes me by I'm not sure which but sometimes it feels like the latter.
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