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"Time Travel"

  1. Apr 14, 2015 #1
    Riddle me this.

    If it was possible to vibrate at near the speed of light, would that still create the effect of time passing faster for you but your surrounding passing through time at the same rate?

    Just wondering. I am aware that A) Time travel backwards would not function, due to the Symmetry T no longer truth, and B) Simply landing yourself in time would not work.

    Any answers?:

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    Nothing creates the effect of time passing faster for you, where did you get this idea from? Your time always passes at the same rate, full stop.
    I'm not even going to consider the effects of "vibrating at the speed of light" . . . it's just too insane.
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    If you were to jump in a shuttle and accelerate to .9999c in a tight loop, say around the Moon and back, you would undergo enough time dilation that the Earth would age 70 times faster than you. Not sure about your vibration idea.
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    Consider a simpler case, you have a twin on the Earth.

    Normally you would both age at the same rate and iIn a sense, you are both acting as clocks.

    You choose to get in a spaceship and travel at near light speeds to a nearby star system and back.

    You could do this trip over and over again in effect acting as a slow vibrating particle.

    The result is the same though your twin will age more than you based on your travel speed and length of
    your trip in total.

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    However, if you do a google search for "Twin Paradox" (the FAQ at http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Relativity/SR/TwinParadox/twin_paradox.html is particularly good) you'll find some examples of what is, at least in principle, possible.

    As the original question has been answered, this thread is closed.
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