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Time traveling is no good?

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    Because the universe is inherently not-detirministic by the very nature of atoms themselves, if we went back in time, wouldn't there have to be a chance of atoms occupying different 3 dimensional coordinates even if they are occupying the same 4 dimensional coordinates that they once occupied, and thus even by going back in time won't necessarily change the future in way it should?
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    possibly. You might also quantum tunnel, by chance, to my house right now.

    There is also the likihood that nothing is there in the 'past' , or maybe it's static, or that it is now in another universe. It depends on which theory you'd like to consider.

    Unfortunately quantum mechanics, which IS non deterministic, I don't think tells us much about the nature of time, and relativity, which does explain some aspects of time IS deterministic. And relativity assumes space is continuous while QM doesn't.
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    QM assumes a continuous background on which to operate. In particular, the position operator has a continuous set of eigenvalues. Only theories like loop quantum gravity try to quantize the space-time.
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