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Time varying Heat conduction

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    I'm doing a projekt on heat conduction i a box.
    The point is to simulate a house very simple. We have time varying temperature conditions on the outside, and want to model the temperature inside the box over time as outside temperature changes. The box will consist og an outer wall, insulation, and an inner wall and air in the middle.
    Our problem is to get startet with the fundamental theory, which is more complicated than newtons law of cooling. This is a self study projekt, so I ned to read and understand myself, so i cant be to difficult reading. I just started college, 2. semester.
    What equations er being used for this kind of problem? What is good reading?
    Thank you
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    Since you are only talking about conductive heat transfer, it really shouldn't be all that difficult.

    First of all, are you going to simplify the problem to 2 dimensions or 3? If it's 2 then that makes things even easier. You can set up a spreadsheet to do your calculations for you. Simply lay out your box as a large group of cells. Your outer cells would have the wall boundary conditions and the inner cells could calculate the temperature at whatever distance you wish to set them apart. Each interior cell would depend on the 4 cells surrounding it (in 2D). It would be a poor man's FEA analysis. I remember doing some basic plates and such this way back in school.
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