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Tiny 6 hour mechanical timer

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    Hey mechanical engineers, I am a biomedical engineer, I have designed a pharmaceutical dispensing apparatus that is currently powered on mechanical timers I have found online. Does anyone know where I could find a 6 hour mechanical timer I could fit in a standard pill bottle?
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    Just to be safe, if you think this information could be dangerous for public view feel free to send me a personal message or request my email. Thanks in advance
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    Why mechanical? Electronic will likely be cheaper, smaller, more reliable and more accurate.

    Is this for a time delay lock that's reset after each dose?
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    Hey Billy, I was under the impression that a mechanical timer would be cheaper and more easily disposable, do you know of a company that provides electric timers that are cheaper than 1 dollar?
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    There are plenty of both electronic and mechanical timers on alibaba for less than 1USD/unit.

    Where exactly are you in the product development cycle? You say your product already uses a mechanical timer you found online, why not track down the manufacturer and ask for a 6 hour version?

    Whether a digital or mechanical timer is appropriate depends on your specifications. The fact you haven't considered digital timers on some perceived cost and 'disposability' issues suggests your product design specification is not fully formed or you haven't fully explored all options.

    Have you done a thorough patent search? A quick search found there are already many inventions in this area..
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    Yes I have done a patent search and own a patent for this utility application and several of the like, I used alibaba for mechanical timers as you are suggesting but the time increment to size ratio is difficult when trying to reach the cost target and I havnt had much luck. I looked into electrical timers but my expertise is limited in this field and I have found expensive solutions... as it sound like you may have some experience in this I decided to reach out to some MIT electrical engineers in my network to see if they can fabricate this solution using electrical means within the price target, if you are capable of fabricating one I would be interested in paying you for this solution, otherwise do you have a legitimate ISO 90001 manufacturer that can provide this solution? Thank you for your help
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    Also do you have any concrete data showing the electrical timer is cheaper? Or can u dispose of a battery better than a bunch of plastic gears?
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