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Tiny dimensions question

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    I hope I'm asking in the right forum. I'm trying to understand the subject of more dimensions a little better.
    Does the dimensions predicted by string theory have to be small?
    Can our known dimensions predicted by string theory actually be inside much larger dimensions?
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    Dimensions are independent entities. A dimension cannot be inside of another dimension.
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    Yes, but the OP has raised a point about string theories which puzzle me too.
    If a string theory requires extra dimensions, why should these only be comparatively small in scale as compared to regular observable dimensions of space/time.
    Is a macromacro scale dimension or more, equally much of a possibililty?
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    Hartle's GR textbook has a one-page sidebar discussion of the metric structure of "tiny rolled-up dimensions" and why they would have escaped everyday notice and the attention of experimentalists to date. It's a good starting point for the subject.
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    There was a time when I thought the focus on the extra dimensions being small was unnatural and biased. Then Randall and Sundrum came along with a scenario of large extra dimensions. And then Maldacena came up with AdS/CFT, a situation in which compact extra dimensions appear naturally (in the AdS side of the duality). That made me more accepting of the standard ideas about the extra dimensions.
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