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Tiny sombrero party

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    It turns out that the news sources did not verify before posting and are only partially true, see the snopes post below by Tobias. Thanks Tobias! So, here are the real reports - for the Emory Event, here is Newsweek's report which is more accurate.



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    I can always find something more ridiculous in this world. :-p

    But yeah, this one... this one deserves a badge on the ridi-scale. :nb) (ridiculous scale)

    Wait until I cosplay in their campuses with my Victorian Era clothes and see how many become offended and affected by PTSD because of it. o0) If they would put the poor victims in a mental hospital with meds to treat them we would see for how long they can keep their traumatic charade.
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    If they're being taught not to cope with or learn how to live with things they just don't like and aren't an actual threat, how are they going to handle real life once they graduate? This just seems so wrong to me. What are these uni's and colleges teaching our children?
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    The whole PC-thing has been getting on my nerves for a while.
    Everytime I read about such an absurd over-reaction I think of a song (almost 20 years ago, 1999) by the Dutch punk band Heideroosjes.

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    Kitten in early stages of UFO abduction.
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    Does PF offer counseling as well?

    Because I can't stop thinking of that kitty now.
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    It doesn't seem to be quite as bad as the articles suggest (which should probably be obvious).


    Just anti-Trump protests in response and the sombrero thing seems overblown too. Possibly still an overreaction by some students--we don't really know the story--but not a case of administration setting up emergency counseling for scared little babies.
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    I hope! :oldsurprised:
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    It's still pretty bad
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    That is just TOO CUTE!!!!
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    Yeah, that quote does seem like a parody you'd find on Portlandia if it's really only over some "Trump 2016" chalkings. It's what you'd expect to read after finding a black mannequin hanging from a rope or something. There's either more to the story or I bet most of the students who just wanted to know when the anti-Trump rally was laughed and rolled their eyes when they read the email.
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    At my school we had a speaker come who is known to be controversial, and imo a little nuts. But a group of students who attended the meeting had a similar reaction to the articles above and protested his speech to the student government, who kindly read them the first amendment and told them to be on their way. On top of that one student's family who was live tweeting at the event got doxed because they supported his world view. I feel like this isn't just a millennial thing though. This is the same mentality that a lot of angry people have about competing ideas. Most of them up to this point have just lashed out in punches instead of curling up in a ball. For what it's worth most of the students at my school think the kids who got upset were full of it.
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    It both saddened and distressed me to hear a young Japanese woman who was outraged by a performance of The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan which is obviously a satire of British government and culture of the period and which was deeply influenced by the Japonism then near its height. If one walks around with a pile of chips on one's shoulder one is certain to get bent.

    I think the present fad of removing statues of Confederate "heros" is also misguided. Rather then be removed they should be augmented by statues that depict the evil they defended and plaques that explain that evil and explicitly condemn their uncritical lionization. Yes some were great generals, that does not make them good human beings and we Southerners need to be reminded of that, it seems.
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    This political correctness thing has gotten out of control. Ok, I understand why it was created in the first place, but now we got to the other extreme when you can't express legitimate facts or have simple fun. Everyone gets offended for something.

    Who are these Confederate heros?
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    Lets start with R. E. Lee. The school attended by my mother in the early 1900s was named after him.
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    Oh, now I've googled him and see that it's about American Civil war. I don't know much about it, only that it was about slavery,
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    You know what's sad? Major news channels like the one you listed distorting and lying in their news in order to gain views/reads. Is it so hard to do some basic facts checking? The snopes site seems to be able to do it. This junk-journalism pisses me off.
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    A friend of mine used to wonder why Robert E. Lee had a Chinese name.
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    The real horror is that many Southerners say they don't believe that.
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    In case anybody didn't get @micromass's reference, here's the Snopes article:


    According to Snopes anyway, the "news" articles are Mostly False.

    WHAT'S TRUE: In February 2016, a controversy arose at Bowdoin College over cultural sensitivity and a tequila party; Bowdoin officials stated that subsequent harassment (not sombreros) were the cause of the controversy.

    WHAT'S FALSE: Students were offered counseling over the presence of "mini sombreros."

    WHAT'S Undetermined: The specifics of the controversy, due to considerations of confidentiality.
    Edit: I see @Tobias Funke already posted a Snopes link back in post #7. I missed that the first time. Although that Snopes link was about the Trump with chalk story, and this one is about the Sombrero and Tequila story.
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    That's really strange... How can they deny it?
    Building statues of people who were for slavery seems very politically incorrect to me. Doesn't matter if they were good generals.
  23. Mar 27, 2016 #22
    You do know that would include most historical figures right? Slavery was a really common practice in human history with shockingly little opposition.
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    Every time I see this thread I laugh when reading the word sombrero in the title. It sounds funny when reading it in the title. :oldlaugh:

    Mad Hatter
    says: ♪ You could wear a sombrero... ♪
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    I read that about native Americans the other day.
    I was kind of stunned.

    Anyways, before I go off into my usual; "Oh yeah! Well I've had 5 conversations about this over the last year, and let me tell you!" schpiel, I decided to look up what an expert had to say about this:

    Fascinating article. I'd love to quote the whole thing.
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