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Tiny Tracking Devices

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    Hi all, im new to this forum.

    My question is, what is the best and most affordable small tracking device? Some kind of small gadget that can be used to track position in real time. the reason i am asking, is because i recently had my "trail cam" stolen. (a trail cam is a motion sensitive camera used for taking photos and videos of animals(or theives)). i got thinking, there has got to be some sort of small unit that can be embedded somewhere in the camera to transmit the location of it. If location is a factor, i live in northern alberta canada. Obviously i have seen these kinds of devices on tv shows and am certain they really do exist.

    If this post is not in an appropriate section or you dont think it would get the most views here please feel free to let me know or move it for me.
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    Hi, and welcome to PF.
    What you desire is certainly possible, but is it cost effective for your application?(That's what I would ask myself)
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    Here's a GPS tracker that costs $200, and transmits GPS location in real time and can have good battery life depending on refresh rate.

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    Thanks for the replies. That Garmin one looks interesting, although i wonder how much the yearly plan is. didnt say on the website.
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    GPS won't work inside buildings or under tree cover, so unless your stolen camera is left outside, it won't help at all. And that Garmin one works via GSM, so if your camera is in the middle of nowhere where there is no cellular service, it's also useless.
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