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Tiny wind generator

  1. Sep 30, 2007 #1
    For demonstration purposes I m trying to assemble a generator consisting of a coil swinging thru a permanent magnetic field.
    The coil should hang from a small windflap and should be able to temporarily light up an LED.

    Currently I am concerning myself with the design of the windflap which can be thought of as a pendulum of certain length and a certain mass (eg. the material of the flap + the attached coil). This flap should be moved by the wind.

    For the generator part I would need a short pendulum to achieve the quick flux change necessary to develop a useful voltage (Faraday's law).

    For the wind to move the flap I think I would want a long flap to offer enough leverage to the wind to move the flap.

    Since these two consideration, if right, are contradictory I would hope for some input to be able to build a test set-up without too much experimentation.

    Thanks Uwe
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