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Tip a can

  1. Feb 8, 2012 #1
    I have a project that I am working on that has instructions as follows:

    1. Nothing can be protruding form the can and the can must have a lid.

    2. The the height of the can cannot exceed 2*d.

    3. After the lid is shut on the can it must "tip/ flip" after 30 seconds.

    I have a mouse trap attached to a can and it causes the can to tip, but I need help on configuring a "triggering" device. I have tried using a kitchen analog timer however this has not resulted in effective results (sometimes it works sometimes not). Any ideas on another device to trigger the mouse trap?
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    If your can is not airtight, perhaps use a slow fuse string that holds a compressed spring or your mousetrap. Light the string (fuse) at the start, then 30 seconds later the fuse burns to where it cannot hold the spring's compression anymore, releasing the spring and it's mass.

    If you go the electronic timer route, wire up the venerable 555 timer chip to give a 30 sec delay and trigger a solenoid or motor. You could use the battery as part of your shifting mass.

    for what it's worth...!
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