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Tips for Studying

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    I was wondering if you guys could post some tips on studying.

    My Case is:
    I'm taking a year off studying 2 subjects to enter a Particular degree.
    I have Physics Intermediate and Mathematics Advanced.
    I'm finding the Maths easy to study and remember, but the physics hard for some reason.

    I Write my notes from Private lessons short hand and re-write them neatly back at home, while at the same time going over what I did, while following from a Text book.

    Doing this For Mathematics is going well, although I cannot recall trigonometric identities apart from the Pythagorean, which is not much of a problem.

    But when I attempt to rewrite my Physics notes and try the question I get Mind Boggled and always have to follow exactly what I've written.
    My Exams are in June...should I start Remembering Stuff from now (writing notes and trying to remember and recall?)
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    Different things work for different people, personally I just read as much as I could from as many different sources I could find up till about 6 weeks before the exams - then I started reviewing the important stuff, not spending too much time rewriting (cos that doesn't work well for me), mainly making sure I had all the derivations I might need down and taking as many past exam q's as i could possibly find.
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