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Tips & Trick from Master?

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    I assume most people here are have more ability on any field of mathematics than me, so can anyone here give me any example, tips, trick, your experience, when you’re facing

    Because I am very impressed of my friend ability on his knowledge of science especially calculus and I wonder how he do that and what is in his brain.
    I am afraid of loosing him because he is some kind of guidance to me.
    In fact, he has graduate on colleague earlier than me.
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    Calc 1, 2 or 3 ?

    Calc one is pretty streight forward since all you do is take derivatives like

    f(x)= 2x^2 + 3x - 8
    f'(x)= 4x + 3
    but its not all like this, this is just a very simple example, like the power rule, chain rule, product rule, qoutient rule are all calc 1 and more but as far as tips and tricks is there a certain thing you wanna know ??
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    Thanks, but not the answer I want. Furthermore, and I wonder how many hours you’re spending in a day to read, imagine and remember it, then do some exercises of Calculus? And can you please tell me your methods of learning Calculus?
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    you develop an intuition for numbers the more you work with them. Most have to struggle with many problems before they can solve other problems of the same class with ease. Practice is the key.

    the methods? do problems, be precise with your ideas. That is, even for the most simple of problems, articulate your solution/attempt-at-a-solution with precise full sentences and write them down. One needs to get into the habit of thinking about math in a coherent manner and this is a great way of doing that.

    For Calculus 1 - I would say 1-2 hours of self-study per hour of lecture should suffice
    calc 2 - 2-3 hours
    calc 3 - 2-3 hours (ive actually found calc 3 to be easier than calc3)

    Again this is NOT a standard in fact it's probably a lot more than what the ordinary person would need to spend on his/her calculus class to succeed, but if the extra time is put in it would only bring you forward. If you think you're good, do the hard problems - and there are ALWAYS hardER problems to do.
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