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Tired of college

  1. Aug 4, 2009 #1
    Right now I am just burned out from the whole college experience. A year
    ago, I was not ready to leave college and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere
    ; Boy has that mindset changed since a year has passed. I haven't gotten
    any real guidance from any of my professors, no matter how hard I've tried
    t to get the guidance I think I need; My professors didn't seemed to care
    about the problems I was encountering with my academic work; My advisor
    has been of absolutely no help to me because he looked at my transcript
    and knew that I was doing bad in my classes, but did not give many any
    academic advice nor did he inquire why I was performing badly in my
    classes. Luckily for me, I gotten all my physics education at my college
    library. As far as the social scene goes, I am not really been into
    drinking or partying and so have not fit in with most of the people in
    college since that seems like most of the kids want to do , at least at my
    college. I did meet one guy on campus who I really cliqued with and we
    had many similarities and consequently we enjoyed spending time together
    and then one day he just stopped returning my calls and begin avoiding me;
    He did profess in one of our emails that he avoided social situations a
    lot and confessed that why he missed so many of our outings together; He
    was the person I trusted the most at my college, and on an absolute level
    of trustworthiness , he is not even trust worthy.

    I went to see a psychologist to tell her about my personal problems and of
    course like I predicted, she did not give me any sound advice on how to
    cope with my problems , and so recommended me to a psychiatrist and me be
    prescribed on some"drugs". She did even know what drugs I should take nor
    did she used an MRI to analyzing my brain , yet she recommended me to take
    some psychoactive drugs. Seeing that their were many suicides and school
    shootings have resulted because of people being prescribed on
    psychoactive drugs, I did not want to go down that road. Of course I've
    been down on that road before with me being prescribe to ritalin as a
    child. This year college has been a fast stomach churning roller coaster
    ride that has increase my heartrate drastically. I am increasingly worried
    about my future since I will probably have no job prospects after college.
    I wanted to go to physics grad school, but thats no longer a possibility
    with my GPA. But I am content with not going to grad school; I will
    continue studying physics whether my physics education is informal or not.Want to take a break but parents want me to finish.
    How do I deal?
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    Whoah dude, slow down a bit. There's nothing you can accomplish by worrying about stuff that already happened and worrying about a bad GPA is just going to make you depressed. So the grad school door is likely off-limits for now, but not forever. What are your other options? What else would you like to do?
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    I think you need to relearn a lot of things before making such statements mainly to soothe his mental state. Being able to complete a book doesn't mean you are good atthe subject you concentrated on. I finish a book, I will not be able to become a class top also. One if having a sense of responsibility to act as of high common sense, should know a way to react to better fit the situation.
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    Is there a support/student group on campus that matches your interests and needs? You are one step ahead of many others and to be commended by not indulging in substance abuse. Many people find that a genuine counselor (the first is often not the best) and the option of prescription medicine work for them.

    As for scholastics, I believe the goal of university is to eventually love knowledge (philo-sophy). It can be a time of great stress, which when handled well can turn crisis into opportunity.
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    I agree with you,
    greed and hunger are the case for abuses, don't EVER anyone deny this fact.
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    What the-? Learn to communicate before you post junk responses to my quotes. What do you want me to say? "Your life is over because your GPA (which is the sole defining value of your life, ever) is low"? I'm assuming that was a troll.
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    No physics grad school in their right mind will let you in if all your physics education is at the library.
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    As was the response to my post, by someone who is bitter from their own ignorance.
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    We're just getting a tsunami of crazies lately. Must be the season for it.
  11. Aug 5, 2009 #10
    you know I just don't care about getting into physics grad school right now like i did a year ago , I can always go back to school later and repeat the classes I did not do so well in . I am not expecting physics grad school to accept me into any grad school especially with my GPA. , I simply won't discontinue my physics education just because I won't likely be accepting into grad school because you don't have to be in grad school enjoy and learn physics. School is not the only reason why I feel so low . When I graduate, I won't be able to leave home I will not have any money to buy a condo or rent an apartment; At maximum, I will graduate with $1000 in my pocket and that is not enough to pay rent. My college and colleges in general did not make it a requirement for students to take courses on learning about building existing wealth and making wise investments ; I will live college with a mountain of debt to pay back; College has literally sucked all of the joy out of me; I am bad at social networking and will have no jobs offers when I leave college with just a BA in physics.

    I did go to a program for people with Asperger syndrome to talk about my personal issues ,but we just talk amongst ourselves and never really brought up any personal issues we were having except once;
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    Why were you performing badly in your classes?
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    What college do you go to?
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    Your original post was full of criticism regarding the advice and guidance you received from your counselor, psychologist and others.

    On what do you base your criticism, might i ask? Hopefully on something besides, "I didn't like what they were telling me."
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    1) You don't seem to know what is your problem.
    2) No one but you can change yourself/your life.

    It is easier to criticize others and avoid dealing with the problems you are facing but that doesn't really help.

    As a last resort, you can always try to sue people if that make you feel better:
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    Math Is Hard

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    It's actually just one crazy who creates lots and lots of accounts here. I wish he/she would find another hobby.
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    It's your job to figure out how to do stuff financially and how to network. Your college probably has resources.

    (In addition, a BA in physics is generally not widely accepted from what I know. A BS is.)
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    I criticized her because she didn't give me any advice on what techniques I should apply to cope with my predicament; Literally , her diagnosis was to refer me to a psychiatrist so (s)he will prescribed me to some anti-depressants and I told her I did not want to try anti-depressants because their is a risk that I would end up conjuring up suicidal thoughts or end up going on a mass killing spree and I did not want to take that .And could not seem to come up with any real advice on what study strategies I should apply to improve my academic performance in my classes. He said he did not know any academic strategies; I asked my other physics prof for a summer internship with him to work in his nuclear physics lab and he said yes, I could work with him; However, he was a poor lab mentor; Even though I got paid a half-way decent salary for the summer, he barely was present in the lab half the time and when he was present he would be their for 10 minutes. I did not know how the scintillator I was working on fully operated and I had to do a lot of learning on my own by reading a manual on how the scintillator works which was very frustrating for me at times.
  19. Aug 5, 2009 #18
    actually its a BS , not BA. I actually thinking about working in a patent office for a while just to established my financial solidarity from my parents, but I don't know my chances of being a qualified applicant for the patent office with my GPA
  20. Aug 5, 2009 #19
    Is it a recent trend to blame colleges for not nannying? The Bronx girl who sued because she couldn't find a job alleged that her school 'didn't do al they could have to help her find a job' and this guy is blaming his counselor for not asking why he was doing poorly. In what world do you have to be asked in order to seek help? If I was doing poorly, I know on no account would I sit on my hands and wait for someone to ask me about it.
  21. Aug 5, 2009 #20
    I repeat this for fear that it may have been overlooked.

    Why were you performing badly in your classes?
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