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Tires & Logs

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    A tire rolls 468km/h into a 1m diameter/3m tall log buried 1.5m in sand. How many times can it do this before sustaining critical damage and being unable to roll anymore. Assume Earth desert climate, avg temp of 35°C, and steel wheel with rubber tire. Actual testing is requested, but a simulation would help. thx.
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    We cannot do the testing here and you have posted insufficient information to provide any analytical solution (either numerical or exact).
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    At this speed one time is enough.
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    I'll second that. 468km/h is pretty screaming fast.
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    Phone some tire companies and ask them about the performance of their products. They love to brag...
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    Yeah, I imagine the brag about the results of slamming tire at 300 mph into 2-tonne log: "-No comments..."
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