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Titan full of Hydrocarbons?

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    Doesn't the fact that Titan is full of hydrocarbons kinda prove the Abiotic oil theory?
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    Not really - you put a couple of billion tons of hydrogen and carbon together under enourmous pressure you will form lots of stuff. Very different from rocky planets.
    There is alcohol in intersteller clouds but it doesn't prove the 'beer is from space' theory!
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    I dont understand this... is Titan not a rocky moon?

    Well this is just a strawman argument...
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    I assumed the hydrocarbons had been formed in the gas giant and swept up by the moon it looks like they are formed by UV dissociations of methane in the thick atmosphere.
    The atmopshere is presumably fairly similair to early earth - although the oil deposits on earth are much newer ( a few 100mya).

    It was a joke. Abiotic oil would either have to have formed in the oxidising atmopshere of the cretaceous or survived from the atmopshere of the early Earth and somehow managed to rise to the right depth to be trapped by cretaceous geology.
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    So Titan has an oxidising atmosphere?
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