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B Title of A Book About Relativity and Other Physics Concepts

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    Hi Everyone!
    I used to have a book that explained physics concepts quite simply. I used to read it when I was about 8 or 9 years old and one chapter really stuck with me (I'm 25 now). I'm not sure where the book went, and have been looking for it for some time and think this might be the best way to get an answer. I don't remember the author either. I'll post what the one chapter was about and hopefully someone knows what book it is. Some details about the book in general first:

    I remember it had lots of basic illustrations, as in something like pencil drawings and basic figures. It was a smaller book and not very thick. I think it was red, but could be mistaken. I also am not sure when it was published, because it's possible it was my mom's book or my brother's (who is older).

    So essentially, it describes two types of people that are both immortal. They have infinite time and I think they had infinite space to explore as well. So the two types differ in that one type is the type to do everything and explore everything as fast as possible and the other type does it very very slowly taking their time.

    That's what I remember.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Your description is a bit confusing here. One the one hand it described physics quite well for your age and on the other there are immortals that explore fast and slow. It may also be that the physics was more sci-fi physics for the story and not real physics but sounded really compelling.

    Being 25 means the book was most likely written at least 15 years ago in the 1990's but it could be earlier.

    The first book that comes to mind is the Flying Circus of Physics by Jearl Walker but that doesn't have a sci-fi backstory at all.

    Could it be an Ursula Leguin book? She wrote many popular sci-fi fantasy novels that were popular then although that I recall none had immortals in it.

    Also did you check with your mom and brother as they may have had a better recollection of it?
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    jedishrfu, thanks for the reply!

    Sorry, I should have added the book is non-fiction. There is no fantasy. I used the word immortal for lack of a better term. I guess they were people who never died to illustrate the point that either way, paradoxically, the two people get the same amount done over the course of their lives, whether it's done quickly or slowly.

    I'm not certain if that's the point, however, which is partly why I'm trying to track the book down!

    I did check with my mom and brother, however they have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I hope that helps!!
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