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News Titor and Bradbury

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    I read this short story at the end of Fahrenheit 451, which was written by Bradbury but the name elludes me right now. Basically, it is of two Americans in some Spanish 3rd world where Europe, the USA, Russia are all gone.

    They are not treated with respect by anyone except an old man, who is ignorant, and a hotel worker who casually knew the American lead charecter from years back. This man and his wife, were given the option to work in the hotel forever and they would be spared by the indiginous. They decline, knowing they cant accept a knew lifestyle without excess, and they are swarmed and killed by the mob who is constantly celebrating because the 1st world is no longer oppressing them.

    I drew the parallel a few days after i read it between titor and the story. oddly enough, i hadnt considered the 3rd worlds reaction to this type of thing. i remember this titor charecter said no one traveled from america, and no one wanted to.

    just something interesting i came across. discuss....
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