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Titration equation

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    consider the titration of 50 mL on 0.10M Sn2+ with 0.10M Tl3+

    A) Wite the equation for the reaction that occurs between Sn2+ and Tl3+

    [tex]Sn^2^++Tl^3^+\longrightarrow\ Sn^4^++Tl^+[/tex]

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    Thallium is most stable at 1+ oxidation state, and tin(II) ions are present to reduce it. Tin(IV) ions will be produced in this redox reaction, so your redox reaction is correct.
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    ok good.

    what is the half cell potential after 5.00mL of Tl[tex]^3^+[/tex]?


    this right also?
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    The formula is something like that, but I don't remember the logarithm ratio in which you wrote 4.5. However, it seems okay.
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